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Crisis management


The first step in effective crisis management is to understand the specific and unique threats and risks to a business. Earlmont has vast specialist knowledge and experience across a wide range of issues including fraud, extortion, media and finance.

We use business impact analysis to rapidly determine and understand the vulnerability and threats to a business or project

Not only do we have the answers to the questions: What are the processes, people and systems that we could not survive without? Further what can we do to protect them? Moreover with have the financial strength to be able to support these strategies if required.

With a deep understanding of the problem, the business, the environment and any cultural anomalies, we start planning and executing our crisis management strategy.

Earlmont does not just advise, we become an active integral part of the business, implementing and helping integrate the crisis plans into management structures, incorporating any response and recovery plans that may exist or that may need to be created.

We standby and fight alongside our clients and leverage our deep network of lawyers, forensic accountants, investigators and IT specialists.

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