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Investment criteria


Earlmont plays a catalytic role in any of the projects we make an investment in, and typically make a substantial investment in our projects. We look to make initial investments greater than $250,000 and work closely with project owners to help them achieve their objectives.

To have the greatest impact in any project, we invest according to the following criteria:

  • Alignment. We look for projects aligned with our mission of creating opportunities in the energy, agriculture, real estate, banking and finance and technology sectors.
  • Impact. We invest in projects that intend to develop new markets or industries and influence the practices among existing corporations to create social and financial returns.
  • Potential for scale. We look for projects with exceptional growth potential and the ability to scale. We look for projects that have the potential for a highly successful business model and a path towards early operational sustainability.
  • Leadership. We invest in people, people with a proven track record in their field and an ability to articulate a clear vision and strategy. The project must have strong management along with operational efficiency and controls, transparent practices, and strict financial planning.
  • Innovation. We seek projects that employ creative, entrepreneurial strategies to achieve their goals.

Greater returns favour those who invest beyond the borders of convention